Linear Downfall Nashville, Tennessee

Linear Downfall, an experimental band from Nashville, is known for seamlessly blending psychotic noise along with beautiful melodies. Their music taps into the highs and lows of life and challenges one to look inward. Their live show is intense and jarring captivating the audience from beginning to end. ... more

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Track Name: Just a # (glitch thoughts from the mental hospital)
White walls
Magnetic doors
They’ve numbered me
I feel no more

Observe me
I am a rat
Rotted mind
They don’t like that
Track Name: I Was Revived (escapism vs. gravity)
I don’t wanna go back to that place
Where my fingernails scratch like razor blades
On the pavement
As I’m dragged back into the darkness

I was revived
I was out but now I’m slipping back

I don’t wanna feel all numb inside
Cause you pump me with those to keep me high
Lay that white sheet over my mind
It doesn’t help my problem It just buys time

I was revived
I was out but now I’m slipping back
Track Name: a Wave of (facing the ghost)
How do I carry on with a ghost from the past?
Ripping away what I call me so it cannot last
Taking what is mine and making it their own
I don’t know what to do I’m scared and alone
Track Name: Amnesia That I Remember (dissociation/strobes of hope for the future)
Sweep the dirt off of the floor
I look back there was more than before
A bottomless problem that will always sustain
A vicious mess that is hard to contain

Where do I dispose these feelings?
Got to get them out there killing

Sweep them under the rug right there!

The past is receding
My minds bleeding pictures that attack me
And I don’t like it
Not one bit

Don’t look back cause
It will stop us
From going further then
Track Name: Pick.Pull.Claw. (false starts of subconsciousness)
A carcass lies upon the double yellow
Stiff as a board with eyes like jello
Rubber runs over him again and again
Splitting him into two as it rips and rips
A ton of put together metal crushes his skull
As an animal he doesn’t deserve a proper burial

But even if he was pulled to the gravel side
The buzzards would swoop down to pick and pull and eat him alive
And even if he was dead
They would still claw the brains right out of his head
Track Name: Life Slipping Away (Part ll) (your briefcase is eating you alive)
I want you to go to sleep so go
It’s been so long since you’ve had a dream so go
I want you to go to sleep so go
I want you to have a dream so sleep

Are you ever going to dream?
We’re not aloud to dream here
Are you ever going to use your brain?
The evil one infiltrated the office and now we’re all insane
Come with me, I can help you
They all say that so they can house their lies in my body and brainwash me oh how I force away the memory they pushed me around and they all had guns
I know we’ve watched them for years dry your tears
It’s all about to end
Track Name: End of the World (explosion leads to mistaken fear)
The world is ending
The rain is pouring down
Trying to stop the fire
People running
The streets are empty now
TV’s flickering

I look up at the sky at god or whatever
I cry out
I get no response
Too many clouds around

And now you see it
It’s all become so clear
That it’s the end of time
And you can’t awake
This is not a dream it’s real
And you can’t escape

Buildings crumble
The loudest cries
I’m scared to death
But it’s all right this time
Because there’s nothing left

Goodbye world
Track Name: Projector Eyes (a telekinetic confrontation with the greys)
It hurts to look into your eyes
My eyes are projecting my thoughts into you
Your eyes read mine
You know how I feel
But neither of us speak

The psychedelic ice cream truck delivers an ice cream cone

All the children come around
They feel safe and sound
Until they go back to their homes
Where they feel they don’t belong
Track Name: Extraterrestrial Welcoming (greeting from the gloomillume palace)
Did you ever think the world would turn upside down like it has so quickly?
I block it all out and take my mind somewhere else
Please come with me

Dragonfly flying on
Circling the sun
Then I realized I was circling too
My eyes followed that dragonfly to the moon
Then I realized I was on this planet not the moon

Show me around space give me the tour
Make me one of you don’t let me go

We’ll never take you back this is your new home
We’ll take away all your pain and give you a ray gun

But don’t harm anything that smiles or has colors like ours
Vibrant and beautiful
Brilliantly wonderful
Or any sign of love
Now your one of us!!!
Track Name: I know the truth (the lies lie above your selfish head)
The truth is here
It’s here
It’s clear
It’s clear
I know the truth
Please dear
Come here
It’s clear
It’s clear
You live on the world
The past is hung above
I live on this place
Where the present happens
The stars in space
Blow up and fade away
I see it in action
One hundred thousand years I’ll see your reaction

Look up see lies
I live in paradise now

Now you see it!
So believe it!
Now you see it!
So please believe it!

All I ever wanted to do
Was drive down Groom Lake Road
And bust down the doors
And tell the world the news
And that we all have been lied to
They are all whores!
They died with their secrets hidden deep
Track Name: Aurora Borealis Under Attack (the flower obliviates the naysayers)
I hope someday you will feel the pain
You forced on me to make me go insane
Your powers made me obey
Now you’re dead. I do not owe you anything

Up here there are none of your kind
So I can finally rest and put you out of my mind
One day I will have a loving guide
To share this space with and to call mine

I guess no one I knew before was real
I do believe I was tricked
I feel as if this was all a big joke
And now they are all at a round table laughing at the past
Sipping their high dollar tea
A conscious effort to avoid me is not the best feeling
I hate this
I guess for the remainder of my time
I must come in with a silent face and a silent heart
I shall move like a ghost traveling alone
Because no one ever cared
They are all to take and pick sides
Not one is on mine
This dark place is rising again
The ground is breaking and I am falling in
But this time I know my way out
I have the map
I just don’t want to go back
Because the repercussions slice me like a razor blade
I told you that
The emptiness it leaves
The tiredness it brings
The tears it weeps
The hunger it feeds
The wants turn to needs
Mental status of your kids depreciates
Cause of pictures they are forced to see
Mother being hit
Yelling obscenities
Syringe left in a drunken arm
The non-bios
The split of their leaders
Then the place that blew up
Becomes way too much
So bloody baths flow over
And leave
A stain

So where do we find
Happiness all the time
Let’s look

Somewhere in the aurora borealis
Is where it begins
Where does it end?

And the flower grows
Track Name: Intergalactic Festivity (serotonin discos the synaptic gap)
Let’s celebrate being alive
We are the ones who survived
There’s no worry in sight
We can dance all night

They used to say You Can’t

Cat walk, reaaarr
Ooh their modeling the new intergalactic wear let’s look
They are oh so beautiful when they strut
Iridescent clothing is what they’ve got
You’ve got it gurl!
Dylan, Hank, Macy, Michael, Kirk let’s have some fun!
Our friends are so enchanting
We love them a lot
Loving all this happiness that cannot be bought

Let’s do the voices here for Greyson
Back on our planet we blamed a group of people ruining their whole civilization What’s that shit?
The evil ones of course wanted more cash in their pockets
so they played the power game and sent tanks across the ocean
to extract greed from the ground to put in moving vehicles.
They tricked the blind through mass communication

Do I need to close my heart?
Close it up
Because every time I open it
It gets beaten up

The psychedelic gods were right the secrets were in the saucer

Memories arise it happens all the time
and so I fall back into minor blues
Track Name: Digital Oak Tree (unidentified loving object)
I lay under a digital oak tree
Thinking about how life used to treat me
I lay there with a smile cause I know
I never have to go back there

I walk down a narrow pathway
I look out and see a friend
Take off and fly away
Out into space, this is life

I see a face! It’s lookin’ at me
Visually satisfying! Who can it be?

Messing up the semantic encoding
Cause my syntax is out of wack
Sounding like blather
Paradoxical encounter
You’re a contradiction
To my mothers nature

Walls turn dubstep
Moving pictures round in my head
Turned off light switch
I think I need a reset

Let’s go around again
Undo me

Back to you I see you walking
Your aurora is that of some supernatural force
Headed towards me
I see the glitter on your cheeks
Neon colors in your hair flowing everywhere
Standing on a cartoon lawn, you got that gloomillume thing going on
So do I go in circles or do I go to you
I don’t know It’s just so hard to come close to something so powerful
It’s like you have this shield up but it’s mental it’s really invisible

A very genteel being
With a touch unlike my kind
Aimlessly wondering
Am I just a sight? To see or do you see me?
Track Name: Rainbow Don’t Go (humanistic memories scream through the former robots metal heart)
Do you think we see
in color to keep us all happy?
What about the color blind?
Are they sad or do they even mind?

Rainbow don’t go

What if we saw black and white?
Color on scary things that happen at night
Like blood color bright red
Flowing out of someone that is dead

Rainbow don’t go
Track Name: Pastoral Piece (the electronic birds hold the bright clouds to my technicolour garden)
You have taken me home
I have dreamt of this place

This is a beautiful place
Such a happy place

Where did you find this place?
I guess we are up in space

This is a beautiful place
Such a happy place